Commercial Photography Case Study

Commercial Photography Case Study

Studio Tekstil is one of a kind photo agency on the market offering its clients a complete package of fashion, commercial, and advertising photographs, starting from preparations, to photo shoots with our photographers, stylists, make-up artists, hairdressers, and models, in our studio or on location, and ending with a professional, top high end retouching with composite work.

Our work style enables our clients to receive multi-purpose photographs on studio professional backgrounds, which may be used in internet stores and catalog sales. Studio Tekstil also offers customized ordering, with high end composite work where clients have the option of choosing photo and background locations for their commercial and advertising campaigns.

We offer our clients post-production work one on one with clients’ designers where clients can choose locations and backgrounds for photo montages that directly fit their professional needs.

Our business model enables our clients incredible cost savings in their advertising campaigns, where it’s no longer necessary to send teams of models, stylists, hairdressers, make-up artists, photographers, and assistants to amazing high end locations, nor to cover airfare, room and board, commercial photography costs with property releases , and all the other high-end costs advertising campaigns require.

It only takes one phone call or email to tell us your professional needs, send samples of your clothing by way of DHL or through post, and choose from our available models, and your advertising campaign will be completed in no time, with very reasonable prices.

Our photographers can also be made available at your desired locations or at your company headquarters.

We offer our respected clients a full commercial use license for completed photographs for all future use.

The following are a few samples of our advertising campaigns and multi-purpose photographs :